What’s that Thirsty chap up to?


I am very busy

Big things in the works, much of my delicious Thirsty-brand writing is going on in the filthy darkness of my little corner of Southern England.

Many colourful characters born, worlds explored, new settlements detailed, old creatures revisited and old problems transposed into brave new (under)worlds.

The brave new underworlds of Emba and Britia in particular.

I hope you’ll enjoy them when I’m dragged kicking and screaming back out into the light of day.

I cannot say more

I really cannot overstate how much I want to shout these labours from the rooftops, but they (or possibly we) are not yet ready for the harsh light of day.

I really need to get back to work. Instead I am here procrastinating (for that is my other great skill.)

Everybody take a level of Suffering!



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