Whats in a name?

Hello Miscreants!

Keeping it light and sweet this week! Quick shout out to The B &B Tavern for allowing Thirsty and I to play in his new game with the lovely folks over at Cognitive Merchant – shaping up to be a ridiculous campaign.

Other than that, our character sheets are now fillable PDF’s. which is great for our online play testers.

Whats in a name? Often I forget names – I have a real sticking point for remembering proper nouns or choosing them on the fly for off the cuff characters. Steve, Bert and Pete tend to be my go to names – which is really difficult for a SPACED! setting where the alien races have their own naming conventions.

So what’s a PM to do if you struggle with coming up with names?
I guess Steve could be an Irralisk queen, but it just doesn’t evoke the level of respect and grandeur appropriate to her rank.

In these situations, and it doesn’t matter what setting you’re in, throw a few words into google translate and bastardise them to create a unique name. It’s a great way to embed an Easter Egg into your game. I avoid Latin since some of my homegroup are better versed in Latin than I am.

Having your key characters with names makes them feel more immersive then – oh no I don’t have a name for them let me make it up – feels from the other side of the PM screen like you haven’t really prepared or care much about this character. Not always mind, but generally this is the case. By prepping this, you can give them a badass name that might not occur on the fly.

Just be careful when naming characters – say them out loud at least once before you try this. there’s nothing worse than a) realizing you can’t pronounce that name which translates as Fateforger from Icelandic and b) realizing the name invokes laughter because it sounds like Yellow Wee when pronounced.

So what about if you do need to do this on the fly and you don’t have google translate open, a fancy name generator or you’ve simply just forgotten the name them? 

Make a list of names and have it on standby. 
Yup, that simple. A list of cool sounding names starting with different letters that you can consult and tick off as you go. With different letters you follow a good rule of thumb which is essentially there to help people differentiate between two different entities. Helen and Helena can become interchangeable in player and PM headspace.

Well keeping it short this week – apparently I’m busy?!

Drink up folks, time at the bar.
Blood – I will love you and leave you like a teenager at prom.

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