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We said we’d update the website and we fecking did! Nailed it. So other than a shiny new header, what did we actually do?

  • The Puppets page. We finally added the other puppets to whom we owe some degree of thanks, we shouldn’t really pretend us just and Jim really – Dev Puppet for making apps in the background, Tech Puppet for hosting us for free and Art Puppet Rose for all the awesome puppets that appear on the site.
  • Conventions was updated to include the Convergence 2017 that we debuted properly with decent character sheets and everything. Even managed to sneak some photos of the event off the organizers. Our newest date has been too!
  • Twitch update. Complete update, removing Puppet Plays for the short term and completely updating the current campaign information. Along with some place holder photos, we also have a good breakdown of the crew. It also looks way classier then we actually are. Win.

There’s still a load to add such as a Blog area for all the weekly news (like this one) and weekly articles, creating a wiki style SPACED section of the website and preparing for the incoming Podcasts. Miles before we sleep and all that, but we seem to be off to some sort of start.

Which is better than being shot by an angry and vindictive sniper we’re sure you’ll all agree. 

But that’s not the only news this week! We’re working hard on bringing you two new Podcasts
and we’re looking for you!

We’re looking for players to join us in a weekly campaign where we’ll be attempting to survive, adventure and score a few quid in a dark fantasy world. The aim is to create an actual play podcast using our SPICED system – the only catch – you need a mic and a desire to play role over roll!

So if you’re interested, then chuck an email over to with the following information:

  • Name / Handle
  • Microphone type
  • Availability
  • Why you’re interested!

We welcome players of all experience levels to apply. We’ll only bite if you pay us to. 

Drink up folks, time at the bar.
Blood – Depending on mood, I might kill you where you stand…
Thirsty – … and I’ll stand you where she’s killing – just in case.

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