British and We’re Talking About the Weather

Hello miscreants

In one of our settings, we decide that the weather conditions are similar to that of the Costa del Sol… Maybe the apocalypse really is coming?

We’re British, we can talk about the weather! In this extreme heat can you blame us? The sun is shining, I’ve put on a dress and I’m beginning to worry about 5 grown adults in the Puppet Playhouse playing Friday Night SPICED this week.

And this got me to thinking. Weather in RPG’s. How often do you describe the weather? Like most people, unless specifically asked, I tend not to worry about this minor detail, unless it is scene setting or a pathetic fallacy – you know, there’s a funeral, make it rain for crying out loud!

But I’m going to improve on this minor lack of detail. The weather can add a tactic to a fight or an ambush: like ensuring that your players have to get close to the action if they’re spying in on a conversation or give an advantage to your snipers.

The environment itself can also play a significant part in an other wise walk from A to B mechanic. It can build tension if there is a storm – arriving wet cold and miserable, survive life threatening icestorms or the such like. It’s another way to spice up another potentially boring walking phase of playing.

An interesting idea, I’m gonna give it a go this week. But then again, we maybe spending a lot of time in a hospital on this week’s FNS.

Areet, News Time!

Yes! We launch this weekend! I’m excited to play with Arch, Neil, Onyx and Casey in a game I get to be a player for. Not sure what to expect, but as usual my favourite letters R and P are involved. Once we’ve completed the first session, expect to see a dedicated game page on characters, players and a link to the Youtube playlist for those unable to join us at 2.30am!

Other than that, we have a few additions to the website such as more maps and the Twitch pages being a little easier to navigate through, I think that might well be it!

Drink up folks, time at the bar.
Blood I’m not a goddess, I put my socks on two at a time like the rest of you mortals.

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