Puppet Gameplay

Season 1, June 2017 to April 2018
Season 2, TBA

Once a month, Kerone and Blood, Players One and Two, present Puppet Gameplay, where they play a variety of computer games, set stupid bets and generally allow themselves to be ridiculous since no one can tell them no!

Starting out their spree with the retro plays, the Puppets of Gameplay will demostrate Blood’s shocking lack of old school gaming experience and we can marvel over Kerone’s nerdy gaming knowledge.

Watch out for leaderboards, special tournaments with guests and have your say on what they should try next! Check out our FACEBOOK page to suggest what game we play next, or to issue us a challenge!


Youtube Link –┬áJune 2017
Bomberman, Sonic, Super Mario Bros
Winner: Kerone!



Youtube link – July 2017
Micro Machines, Smash Tennis, Soul Calibur 2
Winner: Blood!



Youtube Link – August 2017
Tekken 1, Micromachines
Winner: Technology!



Youtube Link – September 2017
Parappa the Rapper, Worms, Spyro – DRAW!!!



Youtube Link – October 2017
Battlefield 4 – Co-op!



Youtube Link – November 2017
Mortal Kombat II, Super Mario Kart & Super Bomberman
Winner: Kerone!



Youtube Link – January 2018
Gang Beasts, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes & For The King
Winner: Tech!



Youtube Link – February 2018
Left 4 Dead marathon! – Co-op!



Youtube Link – April 2018
Dr Mario and Tetris
Winner: Blood!