Monday Nights – Get NUKED!

Monday 8pm-10.30pm gmt / 3pm-5.30pm EST

On a Monday Night, a crew of Puppets sit in front of their webcams and put their headsets on to play in the Desolation of NUKED!. NUKED! is the post nuclear apocalyptic setting where the earth is barren and irradiated. The remnants of technology are heavily scavenged as a means to survive. A western style legal system mixes with the accepted past time of hunting down your enemies and avoiding getting shot is an important skill. 

Current Campaign:- Rotten under Ooze Town   

We find a new crew of miscreants slumming it in Ooze town, a port town full of sailors, con artists, pimps and other more literal parasites. A foul-scented den of scum, villany and sex.

A wandering northerner, his pet Skuzzl Jerry, an aged purveyor of pharmaceutical refreshment and finally a deranged sadist with a penchant for machinery and significant hearing loss.

Follow these three odd folks as (maybe) they find out what is rotten under Ooze town.

Character Timorem “Timi” Clavem

Description Technically minded Human sadist with spotty hearing and a low tolerance for… well, everything

History After leaving her family Timi spent some years travelling with the Salties, more recently Timi was offered a nice stable job with suspiciously good pay in Ooze Town.

Character  Anita Winfield

Description A Rotter “pharmacist” of some skill, her credentials may have lapsed since the apocalypse but hey, her chems still work.

History A travelling purveyor of medicines and chemical refreshments, recently arrived in Ooze town to cash in on the cycle of brothels and sailors and their STDs.

Character Ezekiel “Zeke” and his pet Skuzzl Jerry

Description An illiterate mentally unstable human wanderer, and his two headed pet Skuzzl: Jerry.

History Zeke grew up on the road with his father and his pets Jerry and Herbert, a gang of raiders stole Herbert long ago, and ever since then Zeke has been searching for him.

Join us at 8pm on Mondays! 

Previous Campaign:- Survive or Thrive

Our little group of miscreants start out in a Dwelling ESC – England South Central owned by Dwell Inc. ESC is in turmoil. A previous civil dispute split the Dwelling into two factions: those who want to continue to be isolated and those who don’t. With the Dwelling falling apart, the younger generation yearn to further open their Dwelling and seek the help they need to do more than just survive – they want to thrive.

Character: Thirsty – Brother Rupert Rhys PHD
Description: Rotter with a crucifix melded to one hand.
History: Was alive when the Days of Destruction hit, and subsequently burnt with his car with the stolen goods from his church. Rupert now finds him home within the cave systems and Dwelling of ESC.

Character: Skaggeth – John, just John.
Description: Human, Strong Soldier type.
History: Born in the England South Central Dwelling, John left and pursued a life with a mercenary company, until an arguement caused them to part ways. During his travels he came across Pip and has recently returned to ESC.

Character: Spanners – Lady Pip
Description: Post-Gen, appearance of a young woman, but beefy and 7ft tall.
History: Back when the bombs dropped, Lady Pip was a just a girl at boarding school. She was drafted into the army where she became a Geneomic experiment, turning her sickly physique into a deadly weapon. Now she travels with John looking for a connection.  

Character: Terracon – Camren
Description: Human, attractive young man.
History: Born in the England South Central Dwelling, Cameron is the only child of the Overseer who believe firmly in closing the Dwelling off and fending for themselves. Cameron knows that the Dwelling is falling apart and will not survive without outside help – and he’ll go get it if he has to.

Youtube link for the ongoing campaign – Monday Get Nuked! – SoT