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Once upon a time, a Friday Night, the Puppet Playhouse was descended upon by a horde of eager roleplayers to play SPICED. Blood Puppet puppet-mastered our crew of miscreants as they get enveloped by SPACED! – a glimpse far into the future in a cluster of solar systems called Cyranno, where we’ve become the aliens to ancient space faring civilisations. Will the last dregs of Humanity flourish in Cyranno? Can we bring peace this war torn sector of space? Will mankind ever enjoy a bacon sarnie again? 

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Only Fools and Snoots

Set on the planet of Ir, the group are on individual missions that align, for the most part. This gang of criminals intend to make their fortune by utilising the illegal activities surrounding Snoot Racing.

The planet of Ir is being run by the Netu, who annexed it back in the war. Despite how long ago the war was, they still haven’t handed it back to the Irralisk. Political tensions are running high on this little industrial planet. Somehow, the gang must survive not only the tension politics that affect their everyday lives, but also the criminal gangs at odds with them muscling in on their territory.

This is the first campaign in which we have opened up playing the alien races, in which Blood has kept on the idea of an ongoing campaign and in which Snoots feature as the true stars of the game.

The miscreants of FNS

Thirsty as Zar’Pyan’Bi’Mal (Zar’Bi)
Handle: “Snake Eyes”

Description: Netu, Dark blue scales
History: A younger male within his family, he set out to prove his worth within the Snoot industry, in which his family are important players.

Character: Tech as Mish
Handle: “Mush”

Description: Rhutai, fur is grey that turns to black underneath.
History: A Rhutai that wants nothing more than to have another chill person to share their hayloft with, and look after the Snoots, which are basically Mish’s life.

Character: Kerone as Colin Dexter.
Handle: “The Tenderizer”

Description: Human, dark goatee and tends to wear camo, and occassionally a chef’s hat.
History: Originally a chef in a pub on Britia, Colin helped a young friend to get away from his problems before being drawn in too deep. Colin has left behind a young son and en ex wife.

Character: KillerKitten as Sandra Bloomfield.
Handle: “The Manager”

Description: Human, very short and blonde.
History: Her father is a great business man. Sandra just wants to prove herself as a successful business woman, without his help. She pulled the crew together when she realised just how lucrative Snoot Racing, and the activities around it, could be. 

character: Dev as Jerry (Jeremy).
Handle: “The Shark”

Description: Human, possibly the MOST attractive male you’ve ever met. Tall, dark, handsome.
History: A great gambler, life has it’s ups and downs. The biggest down was betting a fortune he didn’t have. With Colin’s help he escaped from Britia with his kneecaps.

Youtube link for the campaign – Friday Night SPICED OFaS

Previous Campaigns

Bringing Home the Bacon
The crew of the Danny Boy are a black ops unit within the famous Gertrude’s Guns. They carry out the worst of the worst missions with little concern for they know the consequences of their failure: being fired. Literal firing, from a cannon, into a nearby star. Are these simple kill, blow up or capture mission? Or is there more to the missions they’ve been given?

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No Questions Asked?!

The crew of the Flying Pig takes a simple delivery job from some very dangerous people to take a sealed crate to an infamous place. 

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