A Thousand Arches

Sunday 2.30am-5.30am BST / Saturday 9.30pm-12.30am EST

Sunday morning, Saturday night if you’re a colonial, we go international by playing with our American friends Arch, Casey, Neil and Onyxqwe! Delving into a fanasy setting using the Dungeons and Dragon’s 5e system. Can Blood stay awake at this stupid hour? Will the American’s take over? Will we ever face down a dragon?

Current Campaign:                          Reck and Rionne

Reck and Rionne is set in Casey’s homebrew world. Magic is generally not tolerated, the moster races have been exiled and war is in the air. Religion is a major part of everyday life and the kingdom of Kieste is ruled by an incompetant king, whilst his wife, the Queen, is the true driving force of the country.

We find our little group in Telessa – but it would appear that all of them hide secrets behind illusions and masks. What, oh what, will bring them together?

Character: Blood as ‘Engyell’ Class Life Cleric
Description: Human, Long raven black curly hair, heavy armour and a wooden mask.
History: When Engyell was born, she  was given to the temple of Kelemvor by her mother – to protect the infant. Growing up in the temple, she dedicated herself to showing the good in Kelemvor by becoming a Life Cleric. Returning from visiting a remote village on the behest of Kelemvor himself, Engyell has come back a changed woman.

Character: Neil as ‘Aulrik Holton’
Class Ranger
Description: Wood Elf, short spikey auburn hair, well-kept leather armor, tall.
History: Aulrik is a skilled archer who resides mostly in nature. He is hunting down his children, who he has long since lost contact with.


Character: Arch as ‘Hassan of No Name’ Class Rogue
Description: Wood Elf, Long black hair, tan skin, dark green eyes, wears Leather Armor beneath a black cloak, has a rapier on his belt.
History: Born and raised in Valla, Hassan was trained and taught to be a Courier like his father and mother both were. When the Necromancer attacked Valla, Hassan was able to flee thanks to his parents holding off the undead as he made his escape. Now he works full time as a Courier making a living on the road.

Character: Onyxqwe as ‘Oswyn Wintherope Dirossi’ Class Shadow Sorcerer
Description: Human male looks to be about 16. Medium long blonde hair with blue eyes.
History: After running away from his life with an abusive mother in the village of Relnas, Oswyn had an ecounter with the darkness of the shadowfell which left him changed.

We’re archiving our adventures on this Youtube Playlist

Previous Campaigns

World of Kaelstos
The World of Kaelstos is not ruled by gods. Few people have ever risen above their mortality to become an Aspect with inordinate power. But for the everyday man, it is the Guilds that hold true power. For our intrepid band of miscreants, the Guild of choice is one of the main three – Descarra. The jack of all trades’ guild, they will tackle whatever job comes their way.

These strangers must stick together to survive the oncoming darkness together, or face certain death alone.

World of Kaelstos is archived on this Youtube Playlist