It took a few false starts, technical fuck ups and faltering scripts but they finally made it! Those little rascals have started their Twitch streaming! First starting off with Friday Night SPICED, then expanding to include the monthly Puppet Gameplay and now A Thousand Arches and Nuked! – but hold the presses: new programs are in the pipeline and coming soon!

The Golden Rules for the Twitch Chat

Rule 1 – Don’t be a tool about anyone’s Gender.
Rule 2 – Don’t be a tool about anyone’s Race.
Rule 3 – DON’T. BE. A. TOOL.

Simple rules you can use in everyday life too!

Puppet Gameplay

Retro Game Play with Kerone and Blood. Expect epic mad skillz, blatantly bad skillz and skills in being ridiculous.



Friday Night SPICED!

The Puppets play a SPACED! campaign using their SPICED system. In the star systems of Cyranno, the crew get entangled in the underworld dodgy dealing “we’ll be millionaires one day” attitude on a planet in political turmoil. Watch out for Snoots!


A Thousand Arches 

Casey steps into the DM’s chair to play a good old fashioned game of 5e D&D. “Reck and Rionne” is a world where monsters have been banished, wars are being fought over an insult 100 years previous and magic is treated as the province of religion.


Monday Get NUKED! 

The Puppets find themselves in the post nuclear apocalypse setting of NUKED! using their SPICED system. The south of England is now the Desolation, and reassembles the dry heat of the costa del sol. Hopefully they can survive as a small group in this harsh new world.

Wednesday – Podgate-PG1- Live and Uncut! 

Blood and Tech have a go to Sci-Fi series, which is Stargate SG1, and they constantly go back to it and watch the series together. And they talk about. Over, and over. A series so beloved deserves to be treated with respect, handled with dignity and reviewed with reverence – it does not deserve this. 

The Puppets appear as regular players on other Twitch channels too!

Blood is a regular on Skag Nation Saturday thru Tuesday. Checkout his website here

Blood is with Videostorecowboy‘s Channel on a Tuesday Night / Wednesday morning.

And the Puppet Duo can be found with their friends the Cognitive Merchants’ on Baylor’s Blades over at The BnB Tavern alternating Thursdays.