Podgate PG1

Blood and Tech have a go to Sci-Fi series, which is Stargate SG1, and they constantly go back to it and watch the series together. And they talk about. Over, and over.

This time round, it came to pass that Blood and Tech actually sat down and recorded the thing they’ve been talking about for OVER A YEAR! This time round, they decided to record a podcast about it. Each and every episode in the franchise is going to be watched and reviewed – even the series that shall not be named, and the seasons that shall not be mentioned.

A series so beloved deserves to be treated with respect, handled with dignity and reviewed with reverence – it does not deserve this.

The couple sit down every week, watch an episode and record a review with their quirky humor and old married couple style bikering. Tech focuses on potential lore, conspiracies and relations to history, whereas Blood hones in on aesthetics, behind the scenes and the Carter/O’Neill (with two L’s).

Listen out for ‘Space Yaks’ and ‘Biggest Tool’ awards – which are some-what-fluid-not-totally-defined-award categories.

Check them out on iTunes, other Podcast apps and contact them on Twitter (using #Podgate, #PG1).

You can also download the files with a podcatcher directly, just checkout the RSS feed, updated every Monday.

Blood and Tech are also live every Wednesday, 10pm-11pm GMT on the Twitch Channel for Podgate-PG1: Live and Uncut.