Reunicon 2015

Back in the past, when the Bloodthirsty Puppets were just a gleam in the milkman’s eye, Blood Puppet decided to go to her first convention. She went with Tech Puppet, and met a large group of gamers that, like her and Thirsty, love RPG’s. So much in fact, that they meet up every year to celebrate their hobby.

It was there that Tech Puppet did the first ever marketing for SPICED! and the BTP.
“Yeah Blood has written her own RP with a friend. It’s awesome!”
“Brilliant, so you’ll be running a game next year?”

It was a really good day; everyone was friendly and Blood got to play her first game of Cthulhu. She lived, many did not.

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Reunicon 2016

Blood, being the mental clutz she is, forgot she had to tell the organizer she had a few games ready. So, there as a back up in case the existing games became too full, Blood and Thirsty made the trip to Reunicon 2016 without anyone signed up.

Thankfully, the Puppet duo have friends. Honest.

Blood ran three games, two in the SPICED system and one in another famous rpg setting using their famous set of Meta Rules. It caught the attention of spectators and even other tables as they watched the Puppets and co animate their way through cannibal encounters and a race against time.

Next year, perhaps when Blood has slept more than 2 hours and remembered to declare her games, those spectators will be players.

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Convergence UK March 2017

It came as no surprise that Blood (with Tech Puppet for support) ran three games – two in SPACED! and one in that other RPG system. It was looking a little dicey opening night when players and DMs were sparse – but we ended up getting a group together that had an absolute hoot riot involving the skills of one Dr McNinja.

Game 2 on the second day ended up being an entire group comprised of LARPers who had never Table Top roleplayed before. That game was… frankly it was ridiculous and absolutely one of my top three games played that weekend.

Finally, the last game saw the return of a player from Game 1, and her other half, to play the last SPICED game of the Con where we had some genuine feels coming from the players and from Blood. It was AWESOME!

In other news, Blood, when playing a Bard in Pathfinder, found herself with a Boon for singing and off cuff poetry. Don’t you know you shouldn’t encourage her?!

ConVergence UK website – Thanks @ConvergenceUK1 for a great weekend and the photos.

free rpg day at the dicesaloon June 2017

Celebrating International Free RPG Day, we took ourselves down to the local nerd shop and ran a couple of games. Unusually, there were a lot of GM’s, but few players!

We started off with Tech, Blood and Kerone playing a one shot, that if they survived, is cannon to the current FNS game. And blow me did they survive! It was an interesting game which involved the gaining of a Perk for the Father, and an origin story for that ridiculous rocket launcher of Ennis’.

The last game played by our puppet trio involved making friends with a few locals. the game itself was crazy and funny, the Bard proving to be a great sport with singing. Ultimately the halfing died via piano falling upon her head, and Terracon destroying the universe. Quite successful!

Look out next Free RPG day, we’re coming for you!

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Reunicon 2017

In line with this being their 30th anniversary (and our third year of attendance), Blood, Thirsty and Tech all turned up to rock this convention, our spiritual convention home, with SPICED, D&D and Deathwatch. The entire day was an absolute hoot riot, and the stories we shared were unforgettable.

The morning kicked off with a bit of a hiccup as one of the GM’s went out sick. Blood’s SPICED game turned into the D&D one shot and Thirsty’s free slot became a DM-ing one as he broke his Convention DM virginity early with Pilots and Politics. Let just say, the SPICED group was hilarious and laughing so hard, Blood kept looking over to see what on earth (or within Cyranno) they were up to.

Needless to say, the entire day was filled with laughter and good stories as we previewed our setting in development. Nervous as Blood was, this particular group of miscreants seemed to have a blast, earning themselves a strange flesh eating pet called Pirate, which they won over due to ‘hugging it out’ and fought a Rad-Duck.

Just amazing really. The feedback was excellent upon our humble little system and easy to play and explain to rpg newbs and old hands alike. All in all, a great day with great people. We really want to say thank you to Derek and the rest of B.U.R.P.S. for having us yet again, making us feel welcome and encouraging us to continue with our shenanigans. 
Thanks to Steve Blackwell and Paul Johnson for the photographs. And as a byproduct, there exists a photo of both Blood and Thirsty’s face in the same shot. Different people, can confirm with evidence.

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furnace 2017

Making our way back up North once more. Blood, Thirsty and esteemed driving minion Tech carried the SPICED! system into the military dungeons and jail cells of the Hillsborough Garrison for an entire weekend of drinking, gaming, beer, dice, cider, character sheets, ale, rule books, steak and roleplaying.

On this exciting adventure into the rugged north we braved questionable hostels and prejudice as “metal rockers” in order to boldly carry our unique set of pre-generated SPACED! miscreants a series of well-practiced one-shots and Blood’s now famous game “The Lamp” that is based in that other famous RPG system.

Blood (as is so often the case,) left the boys to get sozzled and did all the heavy lifting games-wise running three games over the two day event, once more showing off the SPICED! system’s ease to pick up and play.

The content of these games will enter the annals of history as truly the stuff of legend, rich with horrendous backstabbing betrayals, irreverent demands for lewd acts in addition to payment, loud drunken singing (it was “if you’re happy and you know it” if I recall correctly,) theft of large quantities of contraband alien pornography and sudden deadly fits of murderous patriotic fervour.

R.I.P. Pookooe: you were a good mechanic, but you were an excellent forest fire.

Also our fancy new business cards debuted at Furnace! Thirsty did us proud handing out every card he remembered to take with him, betraying his talent for bragging at strangers and raw schmooze power.

Furnace 2017 

Dragonmeet 2017

So, being the tragically masochistic fools they are Thirsty, Blood and Tech dragged their august selves to London at the crack of sparrows fart. (With the navigational help of a fella called Bill and a very “cosy” lift.)

A great time was had by all, as dozens of disparate podcasters descended on the #PodcastZone building a welcome bulwark of familiar voices amidst the numberless assemblage of glorious geekdom roamed by a rather impressive fella in full  Brotherhood of Steel power armour!

During the (very long and awesome) day Blood and Thirsty would go in to record about and hour and a half of podcasting content with various other shows including The Formal Gamer, The Rolistes Podcast and The Critical Twits.

Thirsty represented The B&B Tavern’s show Baylor’s Blades, While Blood promoted her project with the Spark network: The Lucky Die.

We even had a fantastic surprise when our crafty friends from The Cognitive Merchant arrived with a rather gorgeous green DM Kit in hand to show off.

Our leather-crafting comrades arrived in fantastic cosplay and bearing us glad tidings of custom dice bags and chocolatey gold in a gorgeous coffer any adventurer would be proud to loot. (See also my haul of flyers and business cards.)

Between the new friends, Mr Scruffins, drinks, recording, panels and the temptation to buy everything in reach it was an excellent excursion into the heart of the UK geek nation that we will not soon forget.

We hope to return next year, so remember these faces.

… Or, you know, don’t? That might be best.

Dragonmeet 2017

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