Twitch, Pods and Cons

The Bloodthirsty Puppets have been known to occasionally do things other than writing Lore and Rules for worlds that don’t exist.

There’s a bunch of other activities they do other than drink, shag, roll dice and sleep.


One of us is a part of a few audio dramas and there rumors of other podcasts on the horizon.

There’s rumors that we’re getting involved in producing our own podcasts too!

An actual play using our SPICED system PM’d by our beloved Tech Puppet, and an improved audio drama directed and edited by own head of miscreants Thirsty Puppet.

We also attend Conventions where we venture from the safety of the Puppet Playhouse.

And run our Twitch Stream on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

There might even be a gallery of concept art one day, and you know, real art.