Twitch, Pods and Cons

The Bloodthirsty Puppets have been known to occasionally do things other than writing Lore and Rules for worlds that don’t exist.

There’s a bunch of other activities they do other than drink, shag, roll dice and sleep.


All of us have been lucky enough to take part in some Actual Play podcasts or Audio Dramas.

There’s persistent rumours that we’re looking at making our own podcasts too one day when we’re feeling brave.


We also have been known to attend Conventions on those few occaisions when we venture from the safety of the Puppet Playhouse.

But perhaps most importantly of all we run our Twitch Streams on Mondays and we are currently planning to bring our Friday Stream back on the air, so it may be reappearing soon on a screen near you!

There might even be a gallery of concept art one day, and you know, real swanky professional looking art.