Trouble and Strife

Hello Miscreants

Not a lot of updates that I can share today – other than that lots of cogs are in motion and we’re moving forward with things.

The Friday Night SPICED page has been updated with some amazing photos we took the other night. The highlight being the group photos. My crew looks like they actually want to be there  – happy, chilled, excited to play. It was funny to me because I knew the rollercoaster they had incoming. Which, as a segue is pretty smooth…

Introducing trouble and strife into a group that gives them story to pit your players against one another; it’s a big bold story moment and a REALLY risky maneuver.

Now, I would NOT recommend this in 90% of situations. So many things have to be right to have this happen and not destroy either campaign or friendships.

Firstly – we have to be able to trust our players, which I do. I don’t know WHAT they will decide to do with the choice they have been offered (I rarely ever know what the Crew will do lets be honest) but I know it won’t cause trouble within the group. As much as we enjoy the characters and are invested in them, we’re grown adults. Our group will also act as a group and not attempt to wreck the friendships we have, group dynamic or the game.

Transparency is an essential tool here. Letting the entire group know the stakes and that player A has a tough decision ahead, means there is no hidden agendas, no secrets. Everyone knows the stakes – normally I don’t mind secrets and agendas, but with something this big: I’m not taking the chance.

Storywise there is a lot to consider – most likely they’ll want to keep the group as is, which if you all have done a good job, they’ll want to – having characters invested in each other and having a close knit bond is a huge benefit, an essential when it comes to role playing in long campaigns. I am confident enough in our crew that they can deal with this.

There is a huge but here – they may actually go with going against one another, even if the close knit bond is there – the stakes may just be that high. This opens up a lot of avenues for role playing, but it can definitely rip the adventuring group apart; the characters I mean – I trust our players not to fall apart. This circles all the way back around to trust. And as a PM you need to be ready to deal with this – if you give them options, for the love of Jim, prep options!

So guess who needs to prepare a crap load of options for Friday. Yup, that’s me.

Drink up folks, time at the bar.
Blood – I’ll stalk your nightmares, cause they don’t have a restraining order against me.

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