Hide the booze, Thirsty’s back!

No seriously hide it, the booze is not safe.

So, I’ve finally made my way to this incarnation of bloodthirstypuppets.co.uk after a long time ranting madly┬áinto the Twitterverse from a sickbed. My own personal Phantom zone.

I’m basically General Zod, but with a better moustache, a streamlined small intestine and… oh, yeah incapable of flying, smashing buildings, shooting heat rays from my eyes, no frost breath and not invincible, but I’m immune to Kryptonite. So basically I’m slightly better right?

In the coming weeks I intend to expose you to the strange and twisted realms of my thoughts and while I’m at it maybe I’ll even let slip in the occasional update on what I’m working on (if it isn’t one of my top secret projects.)

For those of you who are still struggling to recall who I am:

  • I’m on the Puppets page, seriously people, come on.
  • I co-wrote and rules mastered the SPICED! system with Blood.
  • I invented most of the groan-worthy acronyms that litter our work.
  • I play the heroic vegan/yogi/sniper/coward/know-it-all/sleazebag Captain Cormac “Mac” Michels on Friday Night SPICED!
  • I even PMed a few early FNS! streams (I was young and needed the money?)

Everybody take a level of Suffering!



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