The Puppets

The Puppets were born of alcohol, character sheets and deeply shared cynicism.

The Puppets are possessed of an unparalleled ability to snowball ideas well beyond the bounds of decency and a love for all things dark, gritty and ignored by other RPGs. But most notably the Bloodthirsty Puppets are disturbed nerds with a raging addiction for the twelve sided die.

These shared passions created Blood and Thirsty; the Puppet Masters, World Builders and general nuisances to good taste everywhere.

This pairing of Puppets led to not only the SPICED system and an ever expanding host of settings, but also to another more benign presence, beyond even their own comprehension: Jim ‘Old Git’ Morl.

Blood Puppet 

Keeper of psycopaths, writer of prose, birth giver of SPICED!

AKA Volonda
All round Geek.
Creates fluff instead of rules and gets away with it by calling it ‘Lore’.
She is far too attached to her characters to the point of inheriting some of their traits
The general taskmaster.


Thirsty Puppet 

Spiritual Keeper of Jim, writer of exposition, birth giver of SPICED!

AKA Thirsty_BTP
Role playing Nerd.
Inventor of trivia, factoids and all the other useless dross that clutters up our work.
He is almost definitely far too hungry for escapism to be entirely healthy.
Oh and general rules master.


Jim ‘Old Git’  Morl

Drinker of the booze, teller of tales and resultant child of SPICED!

The man can be found wherever half-decent booze is provided. Usually our beloved drunken liege is found in a favorite chair by a fire, listening to drunken stories and telling tales of the good old days when beer was cheap, served at the correct temperature by buxon barmaids with loose morals and a good sense of humour.

The Old Git presents the worlds from his cynical bad tempered point of view and cares only for drink and story.


Art Puppet Rose

The drawer of puppets, Wacom Fu Master and creator of logos.

More artistic talent in her little finger then the rest of the puppets put together.
Art Puppet Rose is the reason all the puppets look good.
Without her we’d still have shoddily drawn stick people and no logo.
One of our Twitch Channel Moderators.

All hail our lovely mistress of design.


Tech Puppet

Walker of the superinfo highway, the puppet of tech, the hoster of Puppets.

Complete and utter Nerd.
Provides web hosting.
Tinkers with tech on demand 
Organises the annual Christmas Puppets’ piss up in a brewery.


Plays on our Friday Night SPICED games.

Twitter – @Tech_BTP
Website – GV Studios

Dev Puppet

Toiler of secret projects, writer of apps, player of games.

Nerd who still uses a keyboard he won 10+ years ago from gaming. He refuses to replace it.
Develops apps currently shrouded in mystery.
Susceptible to peer pressure from Tech Puppet.
Crucially, he brings snacks.

Plays on our Friday Night SPICED games.

Twitter – @Dev_BTP 


Insanity incarnate and proof that you should always watch the quiet ones.

Film Producer, Film Maker and great chops as an actor.
Is not allowed to roleplay with Blood – they only encourage each other’s insanity.
Embraces the theory of bribing the PM – we approve.

Plays on our Friday Night SPICED games, Player One of Puppet GameplayTwitch Clip Master, Title Sequence Maker and site Moderator.

Twitter – @Kerone_BTP
Website – JQS Films


Unwilling Play Testers (Lazy Ones)
Sammie Atkinson, Andy Cleveland, Hem Cleveland, Ian Grover, Ben Harrison, Jack Hudson, Grant Jordan, Andi Lawley, Jay Shurey, Skaggeth, Spanners & Shellbot.

Notable Contributors to the SPICED System (Non Lazy ones)
Andy Cleveland (Concepts), Ben Harrison (Radiation) & Grant Jordan (Master Munchkin).

Book Monkeys (The Illusive Ones)
Dan Jarratt & Steven Williams


Our Partners in Crime and in all things, Rose and Andy; thank you for putting up with our endless shit.