Lets be honest, living in our various little crapholes is fucking awful. The food is terrible, the beds (if you can find one) are generally hard and even the beer is watered down enough to count as baby formula in some remote parts of northern Britain.

You have endured more than enough, you are tired, hungry and in pain. You’re seriously starting to think about a quiet retirement somewhere hot and someone put milk in before the water when making your Tea. In short: you can’t take any more of this crap.

Welcome, our little playthings, to the squalid little world of Suffering.


You can gain Suffering from being exposed to the void or radiation. You could have been ravaged by channeling forces not meant for our plane of existence or broken a leg – once you’ve been dealt your unlucky hand, it is then that you’ll begin to truly experience Suffering.

Suffering is our mechanic that takes all the awful things you’ve suffered and applies damage, unmodified by Endurance, as well as a -1 modifier to all tests.

A character can continue stacking levels of Suffering until they equal their Endurance Modifier. When this happens the character collapses unconscious, overcome by their pain and exhaustion, unable to continue.

Suffering can usually* only be removed one level at a time, by a full day of rest or half a day of intensive medical treatment.

*as usual there are specific, situational exceptions – or the will of the PM who think’s you need to continue to suffer for having refused to bribe them with biscuits and tea.