Legendary Points

When a player does something worthy of praise, the SPICED system rewards such roleplaying awesomeness with a Legendary Point.

Awarding LP is totally up to the will of the Puppet Master. This can be a reward for good roleplaying, a brilliant out of the box idea or even from making the PM giggle like a schoolgirl (which Blood does often). It can also be gained by doing something against the meta of the situation, like yelling someone’s name whilst hidden in the shadows because they’re hurting your baby! Being Legendary generates Legendary Points.

LP can be used in a few different ways. You might come up with more. We’re not going to stop you.

1. Un say something you just said (

James: (as Bob) You look like a whore Betty.
PM: Betty punches Bob.

James: I changed my mind (as Bob) I like your shoes.
PM: Betty winks suggestively at Bob.

2. Undo an action you just did (

Sarah: She shoots the operative in the face and runs away with the suitcase.
PM: Five big burly men arrive to tackle Jenny to the ground for murdering their captain.
Sarah: I rescind my former statement.

3. Re-Roll

Max: I jump out the way of the car.
Rolls 11
Max: I think I’ll be re-rolling that. I don’t want to die.
Rolls 12
Max: I’ll be taking that.

4. Bonus to Roll +2 (Called before rolling)

Jayne: I want this guy to really enjoy my company.
I’m doing it, I’m using my Legendary Point.

PM: He came buckets, literally whole buckets.
You’ve ruined him for his lover.

5. Special Rule – Interrupt the Puppet Master!

PM: Bang! He fires the gun blowing your friend’s brains across the floor.
Ben: Nope. Gun jammed.
PM: Fuck you Ben! His gun jammed and throws it at you.

Using special rule 5 will spend all your remaining LP, a minimum amount being 2. Your LP is used up, even if you don’t break the iron will of your PM, so be REALLY FUCKING SURE.

Important Notes From Your Fearless Overlords The Puppets Themselves

I don’t care if you are Jet-I-can-kill-a-motherfucker-with-my-pinkie-Bruce Lee the impossible is impossible for a reason.

After all, you’re not Chuck Norris.

You should not use your LP to combat the LP use of someone in your group. Ie no my LP is bigger than your LP so it happens my way.

If you’re playing that, go get a tape measure.