So if you’ve ever looked at the sheet of convoluted maths in front of you and thought “there’s no need for this”, then you are right where we were on that fateful night all those years ago. The SPICED system is our way of clearing out a lot of the clutter, erroneous stats and overly specific bullshit that comes as part and parcel with your regular roleplay system nowadays. 

People claim SPICED has no class.
These people are right, there are no classes. Characters are people and there is no reason why an intellectual poet can’t be a drunken bar brawler too.

People claim SPICED is flat.
The people are right again, we have no levels; we’re pretty deep but there’s no need for showing off.

We claim SPICED is a bad ass system full of Synergy, Suffering and
Legendary Points.

Nailed it.

Usable in multiple settings, SPICED has plug-in rules for vehicles and radiation: we’re even looking at magic and bloody superpowers.

Here’s a few samples of the Meta information you’ll need to play in our fictional worlds. We’re not going to put everything up on the site, because… Well, it’s ours and you can have it when you pry it from our cold, dead hands.

Or, you know, you can wait for publication you little scrote.

Legendary Points
SPICED’s reward – For roleplaying well.

SPICED’s punishment – For doing stupid shit.