Zuuk System


A giant yellow star, much like our own Sun.


A rogue planetoid, a Sun-Drenched Hellhole, thats orbital path is 80 degrees to the rest of the celestial bodies in Zuuk. Highly irradiated and with a melt-your-face surface temperature.


Trees, oxygen rich and seas. Everything the Human race needs to reboot their race in another solar system. Twice the size of Earth, we vowed to treat this planet better than our last. That’s our New Year’s Resolution anyway.


This glowing gas giant is composed almost exclusively of Hydrogen, Helium and radioactive Tritium gases. Mined for commercial grade gases.


Created by humans, for humans, staunchly standing against any interaction or cooperation with the other races of the Cyranno systems. Comprised of three wings that can detach themselves form the central hub. Serves as a market place, ship builders and home to Radical political factions. 

Ark 2

An artificial platform constructed from dozens of recovered functional ark fragments, contains thousands of cryo-preserved Humans and untold millions of plant and animal specimens that are still in stasis. Also home to the Reverse Engineering Department.