Sen System


Giant orange star.



A long abandoned planet of the Daleen race. it is widely considered uninhabited. The Gen’Dal Central Government have prohibited entering the planet, where labs are rumored to still remain intact beneath the thin, icy atmosphere.


Home to many important buildings and factions including the Gen’Dal Central Government, the Fas Fereration, The Great Hito Library and Slaumeh’s Temple. The planet is mostly low rolling hills and swamp lands. 

Gas Giant Caan

Composed of mainly Neon gas, but the other minor gases and elements give Caan a multicoloured glow.

Caan’s Living Moon Loss

A terraformed planet where everything from environmental control to diet is controlled and monitored by scientists. The planet is mostly seas with a few dry land masses, large underwater complexes have been built with the sole intent of furthering scientific discovery.

Caan’s Lifeless Moon Dren

A small lifeless rock. Years ago recovered documents from the wreckage of a Fas Federation ship claimed that they had unearthed evidence of unnatural structures beneath the surface, but this is widely considered to be little more than rumor.

Caan’s Experimental Moon Ho

A planet that serves as the perfect laboratory for testing experiments deemed too dangerous to perform on Loss. Tests are performed on the planet so frequently that performing salvaging missions to recover artifacts is extremely dangerous but profitable.

Gas Giant Gen

This giant contains almost all the known element sin gaseous form. the Gen’Dal Central Government strictly control mining operations in an attempt to preserve the atmospheric wealth of their largest natural resource.

Gen’s Moon Dal

Ancient swamps and ruins of the Daleen can be found on this planet, where the Gen’Dal race first came into being. This is the scared planet of the Gen’Dal is where their race returns to spawn their young. No other race is permitted to step foot up Dal.

Artificial platform Ress

This large platform was made by the Gen’Dal Central Government as a way to monitor Gen’Dal population and obtain genetic samples from Dal. Any Gen’Dal coming to spawn has to check in on Ress to document and assess the genetic potential of their offspring.


This planet has a very thick, poisonous atmosphere making it perpetually night. Despite the awful conditions, the environment has led to the development of a delicate ecosystem involving a luminescent fungus, bunnies and tigers.