The Rhutai are a race of large, passive, omnivores. Visually somewhat similar to the giant sloths of ancient Earth.

Renowned for their slow tempers and considerable muscle. Most people in the Cyranno systems had never seen a Rhutai before the war, as they rarely ventured far beyond their home of Cuzon.

Despite a history of isolationism, the Rhutai are now a major force in the post-war rebuilding of the Cyranno systems, with a natural knack for tinkering and great strength. They are the ideal craftsmen, but alas they are somewhat short-sighted and naively trusting compared to the other more cynical and worldly races of the Cyranno systems.

Rhutai are a parthenogenetic species and reproduce asexually in small litters during the final stages of their lives.

Due to their laid back attitudes, poor eyesight and generally positive demeanor, the Rhutai are often the butt of jokes, and are (rightly or otherwise) regarded as quite gullible.