Ral System


Red Dwarf Star.

toran dak

Scientists believe that this asteroid used to be a planet destroyed eons ago. Few venture to salvage this far within the Ral system. It is rumored that the Netu have managed to salvage a powerful artifact from Toran Dak, but this is unconfirmed. 


Although this planet is largely intact, it is bereft of life. During the war, the Netu attacked the planet with a bioweapon that boiled the Irralisk within their carapaces. Once covered in lush forest, it is now a barren wasteland with structures serving as grave markers for untold billions.

Destroyed Hives
Ool served as an Irralisk Space Station until the Netu destroyed it in the war. Now only large chunks float within the debris field of destroyed the hives.

Hive Gam, having witnessed the destruction of their sister hive, hosted peace talks with the Netu, only to sacrifice themselves in an act of enemy crippling revenge. Pieces no larger than a hand exist within the debris field.

Gas Giant Ara

An uncommonly small gas giant, Ara is a source of gases essential in terraforming planets. The Confederacy refuses to comment on this.

Ara’s 1st Moon Ir

A industrialized terraformed moon dedicated to advancing space flight and mining. Few Irralisk live here since the Netu annexed it during the war and have yet to fully return it.

Ara’s 2nd moon Bo

Another terraformed moon, with rolling fields, lush forrests and large Irralisk citiies, some of which span an entire continent below the surface. This is the home of the Secondary Hive, which now functions as the central hub for the Irralisk race.

Ara’s 3rd Moon Mal

A lifeless hunk of space rock incredibly unstable but rich in basic minerals and metals.