The Netu are one of the oldest spacefaring races in the known systems, the Netu in the Cyranno systems are the remnants of a once-great empire lost to distant memory.

The Netu are a race of highly intelligent carnivorous reptilian humanoids. Their mental ability and long lifespans make them the most knowledgeable tacticians, scientists and scholars in the systems.

Coldly analytical to a fault, Netu absorb information at a rate unmatched by other races. The criticism of Netu thinking offered by the other races is that it ignores easy solutions in favour of complex ones. This makes many distrust the Netu as they are thought to have ulterior motives for everything.

Despite often choosing to use their ability to change their skin colour to appear similar to Humans, they are fundamentally very different and reproduce by laying eggs once every nine years. Netu are predators, cold-blooded in both figurative and literal senses. They possess almost no sense of compassion, social empathy or morality and can be terribly socially inept compared to other races.

One hundred and thirty-seven years ago a radical faction split Netu society, starting the war and changing the systems forever.