Jubei System


A yellow dwarf star.


The original Netu home world, now too hot to reasonably inhabit. Rain forests gone and turned to glowing beads of sand. A few remaining villages stay to honor their ancestors.

Tek’s Moon Una

Terraformed Moon that provides the Ran’Lao fuel needed to facilitate interstellar travel.


Destroyed Space Station Impira

Former military base, and short term capitol, of the Imperial Netu Army. Destroyed by the Cyrannean Confederation, the debris is now home to pirates and exiles.

Gas Giant Qi

Comprised of Methane and helium, the turquoise giant has been used as a refuse ground by the Netu.

Qi’s Small Moon Emba

Terraformed moon that serve’s as a farming planet for the system. Mostly agricultural and raided by pirates , the planet is being held in trust for the Netu by the Cryannean Confederacy.

Qi’s Large Moon Sin

Terraformed moon that is the new Netu homeworld. Largely industrialized, the remnants of the Imperial rule are still evident in the raised ruins of the Imperial Buildings.