The Irralisk are an insectoid race, short-lived and vigorous. They have an inflexible caste system due to Hive matriarchal structure. Irralisk outposts once stood on almost every world in the Cyranno systems.

Before the war the Irralisk Hegemony ruled the Cyranno systems, their hives were hubs of trade and their spore-ships the fastest and most reliable method of transport, their mysterious queens were the most revered councilors and the warrior caste were respected as neutral arbiters of peace.

Then the Netu Imperials marched, and were their boots tread they scoured the Irralisk from Cyranno. The few Irralisk hives that survived the war have withdrawn from wider society and dedicated themselves to rebuilding their civilisation.

The few remaining Irralisk Queens dwell deep within their scattered hives guarded by their warriors and drones. Irralisk reproduce by their queens laying eggs; after hatching the larvae are implanted into willing hosts to form a symbiotic bond strengthening the Hive.

Many Irralisk from dead hives wander the systems alone, looking for a home or companions to spend their few remaining years with.