Your bog standard carbon based biped. As a Human, you come in a larger variety of colours and sizes compared to the other races of Cyranno. As a bonus, you also get to choose from two attractive chassis variants.*

*Regular service and maintenance required, colour and size will change over time with wear.

Since leaving the home world in the Arc, Humans have found their place in the galaxy far less than comfortable. Countless hazards, deadly creatures and gruelling hardships have ravaged humanity over it’s history. Not to mention the explosive introduction to the Cyrannean races that almost pushed humanity into extinction.

Despite this, Humans (although the term must be applied loosely at times) are still a vigorous and populous race despite all their recent setbacks and obvious vulnerabilities.

Their notable habits include their propensity to extreme sexual promiscuity and alcoholic recreational activities, as self-destructive as they are, these two things in particular may actually be the reason this otherwise doomed species still roams the universe.

Despite almost annihilating themselves, hazards of space travel, airborne poisons, terrifying new predators, general declines in diet, health and survival rate most humans would like to think they are capable of sexual reproduction… Some even are.