Gen’Dal at one point were two separate races.

The Daleen were a race of thinkers; philosophers, scientists and artists. They sought peaceful advancement through cautious innovation and the careful weighing of consequences. Then the Genai arrived.

The Genai were a plague that destroyed everything in a relentless drive to reproduce. They roamed from system to system following their instincts to constantly expand.

This unlikely union has caused the Gen’Dal to be a strange amalgam of parts looking like aquatic invertebrates of Earth, with large protected heads and long tendrils and tentacles. Their skin is translucent and prone to changes in colour depending on mood.

Gen’dal reproduce by gathering genetic material from beings they come into physical contact with. Once a Gen’Dal has gathered enough genetic material, it returns to Dal, sacrificing itself to form a spawning pod from which countless offspring will hatch.

Although officially the Gen’Dal remained neutral as a race during the war, many individual Gen’Dal joined on both sides.The Gen’Dal still maintain their view of neutrality when it comes to conflict and are generally considered to be quite peaceful. The Gen’Dal prefer subtler means of resolving conflict to out right combat.