Cuz System


The centre of the system lies Cuz, a small orange star.


A tidally locked planet too extreme it’s temperature from light side to night side to sustain life. This extreme change in temperature is responsible for severe storms that ravage this world.


The home world of the Rhutai species. This planet is mostly covered in rolling grasslands and forests. The Rhutai settlements can be found built into the canopy of the forest¬†to avoid the predator’s of the forest floor. A crater can be found on the planet, seen from orbit, where the Humans made their entry into Cyranno.

Debris Field

As the Human vessel crashed into the system, two huge fleets of ships were almost entirely destroyed – the remains of the A’Nek and the fleets drifted into the existing asteroid belt making it prime location for the salvaging stations.

Salvaging station – sali 1

The first settlement built after the arrival of Humans, SALI1 is owned by a family named the Fitzroys. They have the rights to salvage half of the debris field and offer timed contracts with heavy tithes to other salvagers. Gertrude’s Gun is also based out of here.

Salvaging station – sali 2

In opposition to SALI 1, SALI 2 was built by a co-operative by a large number of salvagers from all the races who were unwilling to tolerate the monopoly of SALI 1. Owned by a series of ‘Dons’, it has a freewheeling ethos that is a central trading hub for legit business and less legit business.


A giant giant comprised mostly of Sulphurous gases and other elements of little commercial value.

fha’s moon tulil

A terraformed moon which almost exactly duplicates their homeworld Cuzon. It’s a little wetter and little colder which means the Netu dislike it – which suits the Rhutai just fine.

fha’s moon zoi

Another terraformed moon rich with valuable resources such as iron, aluminium, iron and zinc. Half of the planet’s surface is also liquid Ran – half of the material needed for the most commonly used fuel.¬†

Fha’s moon no

A moon in the process of being terraformed. The atmospheric changes have resulted in sever storms that make settling impossible until the terraforming process has stabilized. Orbiting the planet are a swath of settlers eager to stake claims upon the surface.


A very small planet with an atmosphere so corrosive it can breach a ships’ hull within a day, two at the most.

Drei’s moon fas

Owned by the Gen’Dal Central government, half of the planet is owned by the Central Trading Consortium and operates as a main trading post. A sanctuary for all races, breaking the always are dealt with swiftly, and harshly.

The other half of the planet is home to the Reparative Ethical Training Consulatancy (RETCON) run by the Gen’Dal as a politically neutral prison for those breaking the few Cyrannean Confederacy Treaties.

ark fall

A large chunk of the Ark that ahs been pulled into the gravitation pull of Cuz. This chunk of Ark is hazardous due to other debris captured by it’s gravity. it is rumored that large swathes of this ship is still functioning with cryopods containing it’s cyro-frozen human cargo.