When did Humans become an alien species?!

The Humans of Earth climbed down from the trees, over next few millennia they made boxes, boxes to live in, boxes to eat from, boxes of weaponised radioactive material to kill with. Every kind of box you can imagine. Even flying boxes to climb higher than the trees to the grey orb in the night sky. Which was rather a good move on their part because having made all these boxes, their world was well and truly screwed.

At a similar time, the Irralisk of Lisk watched through telescopes as the Rhutai of Cuzon climbed off of the forest floors to find a more comfortable existence in the canopy to eat, sleep and eventually make things. Which suited the Rhutai just fine.

It was also around this time that the tentacled Gen’Dal of Tek and the reptilian Netu of Sin agreed in principle to trade in small cubic biscuits rather than gunfire.

A minor apocalyptic event, a decade of panic, a new friend and three hundred years of transit later the Human race hit the Cyranno systems in their brand new big box with a bang.

…Literally, huge explosion, thousands dead. A pretty rubbish Wednesday night for everyone all told.

Welcome to SPACED!, where we’re the aliens now.



Humans, seriously just humans. Your average hairy, sweaty. Tea drinking Brits from DWELL INC’s ingenious venture on the Moon.
A little worse for wear given damage in transit and a little interstellar war but ready to make a go of it.

The Zuuk system – Home of the Humans



A hybrid race, the fused descendants of a ravenous interstellar plague and their last peaceful victims.
Intelligent, curious, utterly amoral and ruled by a board of hardline Ethical theorists.

The Sen System – Home of the Gen’Dal



A hive-dwelling race of giant Insectoids, former benevolent leaders of the Irralisk Hegemony that ruled all of Cyranno, now rulers of a dead planet and a debris field.
Almost as resilient as a cockroach but far more welcome and much better table manners.

The Ral system – Home of the Irralisk



A race of reptilian humanoids, descended from refugees fleeing the fall of their ancient empire. Selfish, analytical, ruthless and predatory.
Carnivorous sociopaths with the brains of a genius and the social skills of a mouldy sandwich.

The Jubei system – home of the Netu



A large, laid back, shortsighted species of giant sloth-like creatures, gifted with great strength and a natural flair for tinkering
Enjoys sleeping, food, mechanical engineering and taking a half day for lunch.

The Cuz System – Home of the Rhutai