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Hello Miscreants

This week it’s all about the news – firstly because we have so much going on, but also because I’m SUPER busy. I did have a topic, but that can wait till next week.

Puppet Gameplay is back this Saturday 10am – 2pm BST with our second run through of retro games. No idea what so ever about what we’re playing, it’s all in Kerone’s hands. After last time, I’m expecting more craziness.

Speaking of Kerone, not only is he the chief of clipping for our Twitch channel, but he is also now a moderator for the website – fixing our broken links and keeping an eye on comments and the such like. His help and support is voluntary and in no way did I threaten to have his BHTB character killed.

Last week saw us playing ‘The Lamp‘, the D&D one shot that never fails to deliver stupidity and hilarity, a true break from the serious nature of most of our games. So, so many high points for that game, including the GREATEST accented party, Titan shaped holes in walls and a rendition of ‘Whole New World’ sung live. Oh the shame.

World of Kaelstos is back this weekend Sunday 2.30am-5.30am BST since Onyx returns from being an IRL druid. This time with less audio fuckwittery on my side and more intrigue from Arch’s world.

We’re knee deep in getting our rumored Podcasts recorded and they’ll be ready pretty soon. Excitingly it involves a few new faces and voices to the Puppet Playhouse, and most importantly, we get to draw new puppets! ‘Fuck’ and ‘yeah’!

The new cast members are an absolute riot, and I’m actually a little sad that our practice pre-game game isn’t going to be widely available – you just need to know that it involved intimidating a fellow prisoner into handing over food, getting pissed on by the gentlemen of the group and forcefully rescuing a reluctant wife from her captors.

I’m currently knee deep in getting new projects outside of BTP rolling, slowly spreading word of our simple little system. Speaking of which, we’ve added transport between systems to our SPACED Cyranno systems map!

This is absolutely becoming a poster in the Puppet Playhouse.

… and finally, with impending adulthood of BTP on the horizon, we’re working like maniacs to get the SPACED! Core Rule Book into a readable, presentable, publishable book.

Yes, we’re finally at that point. It’ll feel real soon.

In other news, I think Thirsty gave me plague. Bastard.

Drink up folks, time at the bar.
Blood – Sometimes I know where the line is, but only if I remember to look in the rearview mirror.

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