September Catch Up and News

Hello Miscreants

Well well well, it certainly has been a while. I have been busy, sick, busy…. all the stuffs. Most sore throat and migraines. Not even sure where we left I off last. Ok so let’s assume we’re a little behind. All about the news today.

Big Games
In our regular games we hit big milestones – Episode twenty for Bringing Home the Bacon, an epic almost 5 hour game in which they finally found their cardboard NPC Helena. A very sweet moment epitomized in my mind by their responses of ‘alright love,taxi’s here’ after having broken into a top secret facility on an out of bounds planet to find she’s heavily pregnant with alien babies.

Our other regular stream, World of Kaelstos hit it’s tenth episode – where the origin story of our last member (a white Panther named Inky) was created – another rad game.

September’s Puppet Gamplay was not won by technology this month, but resulted in a draw between Kerone and Blood. The first of it’s kind.

We went to a convention, back to Reunicon for their 30th anniversary. Thirsty, Tech and I ended up running some games, and the boys even managed to play in some games. It was an absolute blast – head over to the Conventions page to see out full write up.

Our next convention is Furance in two weeks: a Sheffield based RPG weekend, where I get to PM within AN ACTUAL DUNGEON!!! Oh yeah baby, oh yeah. All the seats have been sold and we’re booked to the nines. Thirsty and Tech are coming with me to provide moral support as I PM for yet more strangers.

This is where Thirsty and I need to give an EPICALLY HUGE SHOUT OUT to Baylor of The BnB Tavern, since he hooked us up with the guys of Dragonmeet to take part in #PodZone. We’ll be there, with some swish new business cards and hopefully fliers, to say hi, record APs and take part in interviews. Scary times!

Other Appearances
I’ve added a few new things to my weekly streaming schedule including Baylor’s Blades every other Thursday with The Cognitive Merchant and The B&B Tavern on Baylor’s Twitch Channel. Thirsty and I play some rather short people with big attitudes. 

Finally, I’ve been added to VideoStoreCowboy’s third crew on his Blades in the Dark: Six and Twenty campaign – which involves three separate groups within a single city, vying against one another to complete their individual goals. A VERY dark, gritty and interesting world.

There are other items in the works, but we’re bound to secrecy right now – but let’s say I’ve forced Thirsty out of his little home shell and into another project. It’s gonna be rad.

I think that might be it?
Yeah, that’s it.

Drink up, time at the bar bitches.
– Blood, Mickey Mouse’s voice coach.

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