It’s been on my mind for a little while, and I really have Killer Kitten of our Friday Night SPICED game for the idea.

The idea of respect.

Firstly – I want to extend my apologies to Killer Kitten, Dev, Tech and Thirsty.
We were the worst group to run one shots for. We were rude, we found a way to disrupt the flow of the story, we found holes and exploited them and partially ignored the entire point of the game, and of course, we spent a long time talking over one another.

Yes. We were those dicks. myself included. Now a part of that comes down to a few different things:

  • One shots allow us to blow off steam – the ‘it doesn’t matter because it’s a one shot’ mentality, especially after intensive campaign. This is actually needed on occasion I feel, a ‘stress relief’.
  • We’ve known each other for a very long time and we enjoy provoking one another. this is genuinely how we show affection to one another.
  • We wouldn’t do it if the PM couldn’t take it, and we can.

In our normal group, we’re those dicks and we move on. That, however does not excuse the complete and utter lack of respect we show, especially considering the following things:

  • Not everyone has PM’d before.
  • Everyone has different levels of being able to deal with the crazy stuff we pull on each other.
  • The amount of time the PM will put into a project. As everyone has had a go at PM-ing now (Kerone, I’m looking at you though) we know what it takes to craft a good story.

In essence, what I think we should all learn from those horrifying displays of being the worst one shot group is that we should show at least a minuscule of respect. 

Scrap that, A LOT of respect. The PM does work behind the scenes to prepare for a game. The PM will also know a majority of the rules and make decisions for the game based on that. They set the pace, tone and have to be constantly improvising.

What’s the playing being asked to do? Give them enough respect to allow the game to flow, allow descriptions to go through and buy into the game. It’s not a lot, but sometimes we forget. Even in one shots, even with close friends, we should be showing the PM some respect and not attempt to purposely derail. I mean don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s needed, but maybe not make it your goal?

I’ll try not to let myself be that dick – sorry Kitten, Thirsty, Tech and Dev. Next time, I promise, but maybe call it karma for making me invent the Snoots?

Drink up, time at the bar bitches!
– We are Blood, We have many names, for We are Legion. 

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