Red Threads

And so it comes to pass that I talk about Red Threads.

Firstly, what the fuck is it?

A Red Thread is a common theme that a player will imbue into their characters. it’s not always a bad thing, it’s sometimes just the way it happens. I like some of my red threads even though I try to actively break many of them to push myself as a player. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s not enjoyable – it’s a learning experience every time either way.

I’ve sen many red threads in my time from being an overly moral person, to being a barely speaking dick all the way to major daddy issues. Not going to be pointing fingers at anyone – so let’s rip me apart.

I will often play characters that are over protective, even obsessively so, of other player characters. It started off when I played Caessa who was solely for the team and that was her mission. A few characters later Nazir’s obession in life was to protect a man she had once tried to kill.

Personality wise, they’re often loud mouthed, balls to the walls first in last out. This isn’t ALWAYS the case, but generally so. They don’t always think through what they say to people either.

And finally, when playing regularly with friends, I have similar relationships with their PC’s game to game. One example being we’re at odds or winding one another up. Ok, I admit it, it’s mostly me provoking them into a reaction. I am not sorry about this but it’s a thread none the less.

So, why am I chatting Red Thread? Am I just chatting theory for laughs? 

Well, Yes and No. It’s an interesting idea that definitely speaks to the personalities of a player – be it something we’re trying to repress (being a full on toolbag), an extension of an existing personality trait (giving freely) or a trait or idea we wish we could have (person of honor). It can be subtle, or it can be obvious, like playing a snowflake, hacker or elf every time. It’s an interesting reflection once you really start to think about, and real intriguing once you start identify your own threads (or have them pointed out to you).

Once you’ve identified these threads, you can begin to break them. See if you are capable of breaking your own stereotype and attempt to stretch those roleplaying improvisation skills. It’s an experiment for sure – some I’ve broken (big mouth EVERY time), some I’ve kept or amended (less obsessively protective) and some I’ve gained (provoking a certain player in FNS).

However, it’s not always a bad thing if you don’t want to change. After all, if you and the group are having fun – KEEP HAVING FUN! Some of these Red Threads will help you get inside the head of a character, make it easier to connect on whatever level you wanna delve into the roleplaying. Some are just realllllly fun.

Also – Loud drunken Dwarf Bard with a dodgy accent, or calculating sociopathic sniper. They’re my favourite jams.

Time at the bar bitches.
– Blood. I will cause chaos from afar and watch you run.

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