The Desolation

Ranging from empty irradiated cities or the coast to the bustling shanty towns of the valleys, open sun-scorched hillsides and broken roads. The Desolation has it all if you just know where to look.

Except safety. There’s not much of that no matter where you go.

Between the Slavers, Mutants, swindling traders, unusual animals, contaminated water and marauding bands of cannibals life is almost always interesting (and often quite short) in the wilds of the Desolation.

Come and find out for yourself!

Notable Places of the Desolation:

Bight Town:

Once a thriving city Blight Town is a haunted place washed with radioactive mists that roll over the majority of the town at random, blocking streets and poisoning travellers. The majority of Blight Towners live underground to escape the mist.


A pre-desolation shopping centre near an intersection of key trading routes still used as a shelter from the elements for travellers despite frequent bandit raids due to it’s convenience.


A trading town built on the brewing, drinking and trading of the beer produced by it’s surviving pre-desolation brewery.

Ooze Town:

A iniquitous port town, featuring many unusual shops, an array of brothels for all tastes, numerous bars and even a floating enclave of the nomadic seafaring traders known as the Salties.

Dwelling ESE:

A Dwell INC Dwelling buried under Holmbush, the original home of the Greeb Class a group of chaotic malcontents that terrorised the area.

Dwelling ESC:

A hidden Dwelling somewhere west of Waterville, ESC selectively allows some handpicked outsiders to trade with and allows them to shelter in the upper tunnels outside their dwellings doors.