Not everyone was lucky enough to get selected for the Dwell INC. program, in fact most of humanity was burned into a fine ash, but a few arose from the ashes that had recently been their friends and relatives.

These victims of the Desolation became the true children of atomic annihilation: the Rotters, their bodies in precarious cycle of regeneration and necrosis and their minds trapped in brains that slowly decline into animalistic madness.

One theory among survivors of the desolation is that Rotters were saved by the properties of the mutated MC1R gene. Should this be true, then thousands of years of mockery of ginger hair will have been avenged.

While irradiated humans occasionally become new Rotters, most date back to the desolation, their minds full of of irreplaceable pre-desolation knowledge.

For this reason Rotters are valued by many as keepers of lost knowledge.