Gather round kids and Old Jim will tell you a story.

Once upon a time, back when people paid for food with paper, ate creatures that didn’t try to eat you back and buildings tended to have the correct number of walls there were there were two huge gangs. Our side and theirs.

They really didn’t get on

The two gangs hurled insults, built nukes and whined at each other for decades, until eventually they got poor, bored and hungry so they went home and got proper jobs.

Their Nukes didn’t just disappear though, they sat about rusting in silos until a couple of decades later somebody skipped the insults and whining and launched nukes without warning

 needless to say, that was a shitty idea

Cut to the decades of firestorms, the weeks of retaliations, the months of blind fires, the years of misfires, malfunctions and accidental cook-offs.

Finally, cue the world we live in, The Desolation.

so yeah, it’s not that great

But we Humans survived (albeit only barely) and after a few decades of mostly desperation, cannibalism, sickness and getting hunted by the new mutant animals we got our act together.

Recently we’ve even started to build up some new settlements worthy the name “town.”

Exciting times.

So who else is out there?

Glad you asked, ’cause there’s some new neighbours.


Don’t be a prat all your life kid, you know what a bloody Human is.





Irradiated mutants, former humans who when subjected to lethal amounts of radiation were saved by a rare mutation of their MC1R gene. Blessed with near-immortality and cursed with a gradual mental decline.


Genetically engineered super soldiers, their genes spliced with the finest of aggression enhancers, survival adaptions and intellect suppression. subjected to decades of training and military drill.