New Campaign, New Puppetmaster NEW PUPPETS!!

Health issues, medication side effects, a gentle stabbing, the demands of work and family, new pets and Blood’s growing schedule of podcast appearances (added to my enormous ability for procrastination) have delayed us much too long.

Isn’t real life just a savage bitch sometimes?

But no more!

It’s been too quiet for too long now, so we’re swinging back into action with a new Monday night campaign run by the master of spotty notes and short term memory loss, me. Thirsty.

Monday Nights – Get NUKED! Rotten Under Ooze Town

And being that it’s run by me (if my form remains the same) it’ll probably devolve into a complete farce in about ten minutes. However, it should at least be an entertaining and interesting look at a previously unexplored part of the NUKED! setting.

In addition to Myself we have a crew of miscreants like none before it:



As our only returning player we have the trusty madwoman-at-arms known as Spanners

She who ever sits at the ready to keep me on my toes with unexpected requests, troubles with auto-captioning and wildly wandering accents.

New Puppets on deck!

That’s right, we’ve roped in some shiny new Puppets to join the crew!


Lilth is the first of the shiny new players we have joining us, Another beer drinking, dice rolling nerd from the sunny south coast just like Blood and Thirsty.



The second of our new players is a pleasant fellow who until a few weeks ago didn’t actually own a d12 (he bought one specially to play with us, what a great guy.)

Eivor dwells in the North, where apparently winter is always coming due to the cyclical nature of seasons.

Come and See how it goes horribly wrong

Join us as we descend in the filth and corruption of Ooze Town, Starting on May the seventh 2018 and (hopefully) every Monday night at 8pm GMT until I get lynched by my players or Blood busts me back down to player and takes control once more.

Everybody take a level of Suffering!


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