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It’s that time of the year – I’ve had my month off for being sick and being social, and I’m right back at it!¬†Apart from Puppet Gameplay, and Podgate-PG1, both of our existing RPG shows are getting a reboot! Well I say reboot, it’s the same group of players, but new campaigns.

With the “Friday Night SPICED” gang, we’re staying in SPACED! but with a whole new array of characters for this underworld dodgy dealing we’ll be millionaires one day attitude on a planet in political turmoil. I’ve never written this kind of campaign before, and I’m seriously regretting whatever it was that made me ad lib Snoots on the fly. They’re now the largest entry for Pests in the Lore Document. “Only Fools and Snoots” – should be enough in that title to tell you what to expect really.

The previous slot named “World of Kaelstos” has now been re termed “A Thousand Arches” as a group, and a new homebrew campaign in D&D 5e is going to be GM’d by Casey! “Reck and Rionne” is a world where monsters have been banished, wars are being fought over an insult 100 years previous and magic is treated as the province of religion. This is gonna be a corker and we haven’t even started yet!

Wait… You thought this was just going to be all about reboots? Hehe.

A new slot for the new year is Monday evenings, in a new setting – NUKED! A post nuclear-apocalyptic world in which our little band of miscreants will attempt to do the greatest challenge anyone has to undertake – survive the setting! We welcome back Roastie, Spanners and Skaggeth from out previous one shots to join the insanity 7.30pm-10.30pm every Monday!

… and keep your eyes open, there may well be another game being added and discussed for the second half of next year.

Slowly my minions, slowly!
Drink up, time at the Bar Bitches.
 РBlood, I enjoy causing subtle chaos from afar.

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