Enter Spanners

“Evil”, “Unreasonable”,””Employs cruel and unusual torture methods” – and this is just how my students describe me.

Arriving in the BTPrpgs over a year ago, I began working hard on typecasting myself as chaotic good as Pip, chaotic neutral as Abigail, an utterly confused cowboy, and over our 12 week Ooze Town campaign that’s now on session… 29(?) Timi is just deliciously chaotic.

Not that we bother with all that in SPICED. But it’s nice to know.

So, what of Spanners and why am I here?

Well children, gather around the firey glow of the monitor and let me tell you the tale of Kerone, first of his name, builder of liver walls, wearer of onsies…

Some time back in the distant past, a young gnome warlock called Spanners played online with a band of cheery fellows and instigated an entire online guild of an MMORPG (that shall remain nameless) to strip down to their undies and dance a conga line around a city, and shortly thereafter also invented hot-tubbing in the other faction’s apple bobbing barrels. A decade later we remained friends and Kerone asked if I’d like to try out a one shot game. “Just for fun. It’s only for a couple of weeks max.”… And like the addict that I am, the trap was set. One week, turned into a three week game, which turned into a six week campaign, which evolved into the Ooze Town epic saga.

One thing led to another, and I wrote a couple of campaign ideas, then began to run SPICED games with friends, and true to my teacher DNA adapted the game rules to PM for hordes of their children (if you’re thinking of PMing for kids, RUN! RUN AWAY!)

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be re-introduced to RPG through this band of miscreants where we are absolutely free from gatekeeping and any form of discrimination. You just have to listen to the rules of chat to know that these guys have got the right idea. And now with my assimilation complete, the chanting of “one of us one of us one of us…” means that there’s only one thing left to say until my next installment.

Time at the bar bitches.

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