Contacts and Links

Inevitably there is a list of how to contact us and where to see us in a single place. Well that page is here. Right here right now in this place.


GV Studios – Tech Puppet’s IT Consultancy
JQS films – Kerone’s short films
The Lucky Die Podcast – Arch, Blood (aka Volonda), Casey and Neil’s podcast website

Bloodthirsty Puppets – Everything we’ve recorded gets put here.
Monday Get NUKED!Survive or Thrive
Friday Night SPICED Only fools and Snoots
Friday Night SPICED – No Questions Asked
Friday Night SPICED – Bringing Home the Bacon
Puppet Gameplay
Rail Replacement Games
A Thousand Arches – Reck and Rionne
A Thousand Arches World of Kaelstos

@Blood_btp – Blood.     @thirsty_btp – Thirsty.     @tech_btp – Tech.
@dev_btp – Dev.              @Kerone_BTP – Kerone.    @killerkitten21 – Killer Kitten.
@Arch_dnd – Arch.         @bardicmartin – Neil.       @childofginevra – Casey.
@onyxqwe – Onyx.          @thebndtavern – Baylor.  @Skaggeth – Skaggeth.
@spanners_btp – Spanners.

Monday (8pm-10.30pm) on our own channel – Bloodthirsty Puppets we’re planning to resume our other Friday Night SPICED! game soon too.

You can find Blood as a cast member  over on Skag Nation Checkout his website here.Quite often, she’s hanging out there even on those ‘off days’.

Blood can be found on Blades in the Dark: Six and Twenty over on Videostorecowboy’s channel.

You can also find Blood and Thirsty as cast members on Baylor’s Blades  on the BnB Tavern

Blood’s alternative handle of Volonda has her own twitch channel where she spends the rest of her time: from game prep (non-spoiler stuff) to drawing and all sorts of other nerdy activities. Her Twitch is here.

The White Vault
Baylor’s Blades
The Lucky Die Podcast