Contacts and Links

Inevitably there is a list of how to contact us and where to see us in a single place. Well that page is here. Right here right now in this place.


GV Studios – Tech Puppet’s IT Consultancy
JQS films – Kerone’s short films
The Lucky Die Podcast – Arch, Blood (aka Volonda), Casey and Neil’s podcast website

Bloodthirsty Puppets – Everything we’ve recorded gets put here.
Monday Get NUKED!Survive or Thrive
Friday Night SPICED Only fools and Snoots
Friday Night SPICED – No Questions Asked
Friday Night SPICED – Bringing Home the Bacon
Puppet Gameplay
Rail Replacement Games
A Thousand Arches – Reck and Rionne
A Thousand Arches World of Kaelstos

@Blood_btp – Blood.     @thirsty_btp – Thirsty.     @tech_btp – Tech.
@dev_btp – Dev.              @Kerone_BTP – Kerone.    @killerkitten21 – Killer Kitten.
@Arch_dnd – Arch.         @bardicmartin – Neil.       @childofginevra – Casey.
@onyxqwe – Onyx.          @thebndtavern – Baylor.  @Skaggeth – Skaggeth.
@spanners_btp – Spanners.

We play every Friday Night (8-11pm), Sunday morning (2.30-5.30am) and Monday (7.30pm-10.30pm) on our own channel – Bloodthirsty Puppets – and Wednesdays 9pm onwards for the live broadcast of the podcast Podgate-PG1!
You can find Blood as a cast member Saturdays-Tuesdays over on Skag Nation Checkout his website here.Quite often, she’s hanging out there even on those ‘off days’.
Wednesday morning, 1am-4am, Blood can be found on Blades in the Dark: Six and Twenty over on Videostorecowboy’s channel.
You can also find Blood and Thirsty as cast members on Baylor’s Blades every fortnight, Thursdays 8pm-10pm on Twitch on the BnB Tavern
Blood’s alternative handle of Volonda has her own twitch channel where she spends the rest of her time: from game prep (non-spoiler stuff) to drawing and all sorts of other nerdy activities. Her Twitch is here.

The White Vault
Baylor’s Blades
The Lucky Die Podcast