Con, Con and Con?

Hello Miscreants!

Sometimes it’s articles, sometimes it’s just news. Today is a big, big pile of news… and some teasers! Even better there are those things that I CAN’T talk about yet that has me dancing around the Puppet Playhouse like a loon. Dammit.

Let’s start with Cons, so many Cons! Not only did we confirm one Convention this weekend, we confirmed three! Oh yeah miscreants, we’re on tour! 

June 17th – Free RPG at the Dice Saloon 
A convention aimed specifically at new players AND encouraging more experienced ones to play new systems, we’ve got three games booked for the day with the hope that we can further expand the growing RPG community of the Dice Saloon.
Also… it’s free.

September 2nd Reunicon
Third year in a row we’re returning to Reunicon to run four games – including an exclusive preview of our newest system AND a game even being PM’d by Thirsty himself. Sign up for games early, they tend to get filled rather quickly!
You’ll know the place to sign up – it has me, Blood, and Tech all over it.

October 7th & 8th Furnace
Set in an old Garrison, this Table Top RPG convention is shaping up to be massive! There’s a chance that I will be PM’ing in a real military prison cell, or even a real dungeon. Another three whole games up for grabs to join in with!

Our Twitch Schedule is expanding!

This is where most of the I CAN’T TELL YOU MORE EXCITING NEWS! is coming from. There is so much in the works, I’m gonna be busy for days just to set these behind the scenes things up!

But, I can officially announce the launch of Puppet Gameplay! Played on the second or third Saturday of the Month 10am-2pm.

This is where Kerone and myself will be playing a variety of computer games, setting stupid challenges and declaring a pointless winner.

This will fully show how ridiculous Kerone and I are together. It’s shaping up to be a hoot with Super Mario Bro’s being our first game.


Actual play is shaping up with the final meta rules that need to be solidified, being solidified. The cast are almost all confirmed, the format is getting hammered out and intro music is being done specially composed by my brother in podcasting Neil Martin.

We’re still open to having new cast join us for this, so feel free to try your luck and drop us an email

Drink up folks, time at the bar.
Blood Depending on mood, I might kill you where you stand…
Thirsty – … and I’ll stand you where she’s killing – just in case.

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