Can I Be “The Man”?

Hello Miscreants.

ALL THE THINGS! So many things right now. So many BIG things. Just gonna do the news this week.

No stream this weekend, neither Bringing Home the Bacon nor World of Kaelstos  since Thirsty, Tech and I are at a weekend long convention! Out to Furnace to offer two SPICED games and the traditional D&D game. My game room, is an ACTUAL DUNGEON!

The White Vault, a horror audio drama, in which I voice the Documentarian, came out Tuesday and hit 28 on the chart on release day! It’s probably the best script I have ever worked on, I’m kind of more humbled than anything that I get to be a part of it – it’s such great writing.

The Lucky Die Podcast, with Arch, Casey, Neil and myself became official on Tuesday with ‘Before the Beginning Stories’ being release and will release the first two episodes this coming Monday! Ah hype!

But the biggest thing this week – WE’VE GONE LIMITED!!! – Nearly three years of writing, playing and procrastinating, Bloodthirsty Puppets is an entity all of it’s own. We took the plunge Monday and became the proud (and terrified) owners of Bloodthirsty Puppets LLP.

Holy Hannah, we’re now The Man, I don’t think I can be The Man! But there’s an official document saying we’re The Man. We even have polo shirts and business cards coming.

Keep an eye out for a special Vlog instead of a blog next week as we babble and thank our way through a short video of the weekend at the Furnace Convention – we’re gonna babble about all the exciting things we’re involved in, and what’s next now that BTP has a life of it’s own!

I feel like we’ve finally birthed the child we’ve been gestating for 30+ months.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, play tested and encouraged us to get this far: players, friends and random conventions who say ‘sure, come play your new system!’

Finally, we have got to thank Andy and Rose, for putting up with our endless shit.

Time at the bar, drink up bitches.
– Blood, I will make your eyes bleed and your heart cry.

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