Bloodthirsty Puppets: Where did they come from?

Long ago now, before Blood and Thirsty (but not Jim, he is much older) clawed their way out of our tortured braincases and splattered the filthy entrails of SPICED! all over our lives with vindictive glee: there was a sadly unsatisfying RPG system, eight friends and a Saturday night campaign.

The thing is, we soon found that we didn’t like the system we were playing in. It was very restrictive and walled off too many simple things we wanted to do behind levels, classes, abilities and races.

So we changed our game.

We abandoned everything from the system, only the storyline and our character names remained. After a few weeks and a couple of drunken brainstorming sessions we had built the basics of our own system from the ground up. All based around the majestic beauty of the mysterious d12.

We played that campaign for more than a year, limbs were lost, genetics warped, drug problems acquired, terrible fires set, innocents killed, children traumatised and foes conquered.

Over that year, and the ones that followed, our games have evolved into the SPICED! system. To this day our games continue to evolve, at the time of writing this it is only days since our last mechanical update to the system.

we’re not stopping now

We’re streaming, writing, playing, visiting conventions and rest assured we’re still slaving away on all manner of other tasks and projects of unfathomable villainy.

Everybody take a level of Suffering!



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