Big Changes In The Puppet Playhouse

It’s been a while since I’ve typed one of these so I hope you’ll bear with me.

It has been four long years since Blood and I sat down for a few mid-week drinks with Tech and Terracon nearby and began loudly discussing the odd idea of discarding the game system we were playing and writing a whole new rule set from scratch for the rest of the campaign.

Its been three years since we played our first stream with our own system.

It’s been two years since Bloodthirsty Puppets became a legal entity.

But now, time for a few changes

Most notably, is is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that my good friend and co-writer Blood (better known as Volonda of The Lucky Die) is leaving Bloodthirsty Puppets, she is setting off on a journey into the lands to the frozen north.

In those far-off lands Blood must do such strange and terrible things as work a full time job and so alas, a great sacrifice has been made and she has given up her place at the puppet playhouse.

She will be missed, every time a botch is rolled in the back of our minds we will hear her laughter and remember the cruel gleam in her eye as she thought up our punishment.

Yes, she will be missed… At least until she drops in for a game and drives us all nuts all over again.

Best of luck to you Blood. we hope to hear of your tales of glorious success soon.

but fear not young miscreants!

For I will not be alone.

There are shapes cresting the horizon, looming large and glorious with the rushing wind of change lashing their hair about furiously and generally making a complete bloody nuisance of itself.

A wild TECH PUPPET appeared!

That’s right miscreants!

Not content with playing the plucky Ennis on our first campaign and generally giving me a hard time no matter what characters we happen to be playing together Tech has joined me as a new partner in Bloodthirsty Puppets.

Bringing a head brimming with new ideas and a far better eye for detail than I could ever claim Tech will get us on track in no time!


But ThAt’s Not AlL

Indeed not my filthy beauties, because as if to save Tech and I from our perpetual deadlock another challenger has appeared!

BlOody HeLl it’s That NuTteR SpanNeRs!

Fresh from playing the torturous terror that is Timi, Spanners has thrown her no doubt awful and blood soaked hat into the ring and joined Tech and myself as our partner in Bloodthirsty Puppets as well.

There’s no telling what kinds of foulness are lurking in the mind of this dangerous and unpredictable individual but I’m sure whatever abyssal horrors she unleashes upon us will be spectacular!


THis iS jusT thE BeGinNinG

Everybody take a level of Suffering!


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