2017: So Long and Thanks for All the Snoots

As I sit here in my lair only an hour of this new year has passed, and already the cogs are in motion for a barrage of new developments.

But my thoughts are drawn back to the past year, and the great games, excellent conventions and even more awesome people who made it the best year yet for Bloodthirsty Puppets including (but by no means limited to.)

The Great Ones

The glorious bearded one SkaGgeth, the eyebrows of enthusiasm The B and& B Tavern, the leather crafting wizards of The Cognitive Merchant, those awfully sporting chaps and chapesses in the TLD crew, our friends at The Spark Network (even if that game never saw the light of day,) the guys from The Formal Gamer (For putting up with me mostly,) our diehard allies in the B.U.R.P.S. and their guests at Reunicon, the organisers of Furnace, Convergence and Dragonmeet conventions and Kalum of the Rolistes the Lord of the #######P##odCastZone.

Notable mentions

Thanks to everyone who played one of our convention games this year, you guys ensured that even though we ran the same games every time, we never heard the same story twice.

…And as always

Thanks to Rose, Roseann and Andy for putting up with our shit.

So here we are. Thank you all for an amazing year.

Everybody take a level of Suffering!



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