Crimes in Progress

Being the curious little miscreant you are, you have finally stumbled into our dark and dank website. Seeing as how you’ve come this far, you’d better dive on in then.

Word of warning, if you’re looking for a nice polite little website that will hand hold you through everything SPICED, you better hit back on your browser.

Here you will eventually find (almost) everything you might want to know about the SPICED system, the various settings and what the Puppets are up to at the moment.

I say almost, because hey, we’ve got to be able to keep the lights on somehow.

If you’re staying for a cuppa, or a beer, you better bear with us because we haven’t quite finished hiding the bodies.


We said we’ll finish and we’re (most probably) going to, so we really don’t need to be reminded every year or so.

That said, look at all this!  A swanky website full of public evidence of these last few years of nigh-endless writing, tinkering, refining, screaming in frustrated rage, burning it all down and re-writing.

We’ll keep slogging on regardless. After all, if a job’s worth doing, it’ll still be worth doing after a boozy night out, some gentle instructional vivisection and a month or two in a featureless basement awaiting ransom.

Hang on with us, it’ll be a hell of a ride.